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Felix Hilti


Felix Hilti


Focus on your strength. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Go outside and think. Be yourself.

Empathetic / Thoughtful / Optimistic / Life-long learner / Curious

My backstory

As a child, I was fascinated by cities and especially by city plans – by systems that influence how people live together in a community. I was constantly drawing plans and wanted to become a city planner myself. Instead, I now help entrepreneurs to plan and build companies. My desire to help them build a foundation that enables both growth and a good life for all reflects my original interest.

My path to becoming an Impact VC was also influenced by my upbringing. I was incredibly fortunate to grow up in an entrepreneurial family, which opened an unlimited number of opportunities for me. However, I’m aware this is not the case for everyone, which is why I work relentlessly to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities that I’ve had.

I hold a master’s degree in Business Management from the University of St. Gallen (HSG). One of my professors taught sustainability and energy, and really opened my eyes to the fact that working for climate justice is not only important for us as a society, but also represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact.

I then specialised in areas such as decarbonisation and the circular economy, which led me to join Ananda as an Investment Analyst – helping early-stage start-ups to scale their impact.

My passion

Anything that is sustainability related. Right now, I’m focused on agriculture and food, but I also find green construction fascinating. I’ve heard so much about climate change and its effects in the past ten years. I believe it’s my generation’s task to solve the problem.

My secret talent is that I can bring people together. During disagreements, I can find solutions. I can balance out situations. I have a talent for being a mediator. And if I were to receive an award, I would love to get it for being a person who finds common ground between people, and for being someone who could be trusted to do the right thing.

Outside of work, I love to be outdoors. When I’m in the city, I love strolling around the streets, immersed in my thoughts. But ideally, I’m in the mountains, hiking or skiing as this truly frees my mind.