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We back game-changing companies across Europe to achieve social and environmental impact on a global scale.

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We love big challenges

12 years into our journey as impact investors, we have financed and successfully exited some of the world’s most impactful companies.

And with our new € 108 million fund, Ananda is the perfect partner for those helping to change the world. That’s 34 companies to date and we’re still counting. From cutting-edge bionic limbs, to early wildfire detection, to the cognitive behavioural therapy bettering people’s lives—we are backing their success.

NatureMetrics visualization of eDNA in a river


Leading a revolution
in biodiversity data

IESO Digital Health

Shaping the future of
cognitive behavioural therapy

IESO Digital Health
Orora Technologies


Protecting people and the planet
by detecting wildfires, globally

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We are all about heart‑core impact

We are absolutely committed to ensuring our portfolio companies deliver the greatest possible impact in the social and environmental arena.

That’s why we only invest in companies with impact deeply baked into their business model, and we protect their company mission with our Impact Termsheet.

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