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We invest in a big impact vision first.

To us, there is nothing stronger than a founder’s unshakeable intention to address a significant, pressing challenge on our planet and in our society, and the persistence to work towards their goal until it is solved.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we both share the enthusiasm of our founders and have the experience to build stuff that truly matters.

To fuel their missions, we create a space for them to thrive, based on the knowhow, network, patient capital and experiences of our team, investors and experts.

Target Investment Size

€3M – €8M

Initial Investment Size

€0.5M – €3M

Target Geographics

Europe with focus on DACH, UK, Benelux and the Nordics

Areas of Impact

Redefining Healthcare, Sustainability Transformation, Educational Empowerment, Equitable Humanity

Target Stages

Early Stage: (Pre)Seed / Pre-Series A / Series A

We are founder-aligned

We believe founders’ health and resilience are crucial to mission success.

We are not only founder-friendly, we are unafraid to ask the tough questions and we’ll give clear advice. We’ll always value, and support, our founders and teams in their personal development efforts.

We call this being ‘founder-aligned’ and it means sticking to the big picture, principles and impact instead of selling out.

It’s at the core of everything we do.

On a journey with you

In it together, our own financial success is strictly linked to the impact of our portfolio companies.

We manage € 200 million impact capital and are proud to partner with some of the leading investors across Europe and beyond – from entrepreneurs and families to traditional VCs.

We make our first investment in a company at an early stage. The typical involvement starts at around € 500K – € 3 million and can grow up to a total of € 10 million+ over several rounds and stages of maturity.

On this path, we are usually joined by our network of international growth investors that can syndicate substantial investment rounds of up to € 50 million.

NatureMetrics CEO Katie and Founder Kat

Our investment criteria

We look for partners that match the following criteria:


The solution has the potential to significally improve a societally relevant problem

Impactful business model

Impact needs to be clearly measurable and inherently baked into the business model. 

Exceptional team

Outstanding, persistent and resilient founders with an unshakeable intention to address a societal challenge


Impact is as scalable as the economic value. This ensures maximum impact and maximum founder success.

Want to find out how we select who we invest in?

Unlike traditional VC funds, our approach is to proactively search and select the most outstanding impact businesses tackling major issues.

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Our unique Impact Termsheet

What if everyone could be on the same page when it comes to impact? What if there was a way to do things differently and care for people and planet?

We’ve set new standards with our Impact Termsheet. This protects companies’ missions and encourages founders to foster team diversity, strengthen their mental health and reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

Pioneers, and proud to be European

We are the first pan-European impact venture fund and a pioneer in our field.

Our strategy is to support enterprises that operate and create impact primarily on European ground with the potential to grow global.

With our homebase in Munich and an office in London, we are at the heart of the European impact investing market and also feel the pulse of the venture capital scene.

Open Bionics Tilly Bionic arms - Turning disabilities into superpowers

What our founders say

Dr. Andy Blackwell | Ananda Impact Ventures

Ananda’s belief in us has been absolutely central to our success.

IESO probably wouldn’t exist otherwise and we’re enormously grateful for it.”

Dr. Andy Blackwell

Dr. Andy Blackwell

Group Chief Science and Strategy Officer at IESO

Ananda is a really good blend of impact investor and VC.

To me, the Ananda team has the right balance of knowing when to push and when to step back. This was a great, clean and smooth collaboration, from start to finish.”

James Weatherill

Dr. Andy Blackwell | Ananda Impact Ventures

James Weatherill

CEO at Arbor Education

Let’s create a better future, together.

We are always looking for exceptional founders creating the game-changing impact companies of tomorrow.