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Mascha Bonk

Investment Manager

Mascha Bonk

Investment Manager

Don’t over-estimate the opinions of others.

Friends / Appreciation / Curiosity / Optimism / Diverse

My backstory

I hold two master’s degrees in Management and Finance from Nova SBE and the University of St. Gallen. My entrepreneurial journey started in a London tech start-up during my undergraduate studies. I then left to gain work experience in banking and strategy consulting. However, driven by an intrinsic motivation to maximise my impact, I ultimately returned to the start-up world.

When I look at all of my previous work experiences, none have shaped me as much as an internship at a university hospital, which I did while still in high school. As rewarding as it was, it was physically and mentally demanding. Since then, I’ve admired the people who work in healthcare and love that I can now work with start-ups that support those people and improve our healthcare system.

I’m a good combination of my parents. My father is a mathematician, and I inherited my analytical side from him, whereas my mum is a doctor, and that’s probably where my interest in care comes from.

Before joining Ananda, I expected investing to be a numbers’ business. But especially with early-stage venture capital, it’s actually a people’s business. Sure, there are some important KPIs, but they are much less decisive than your belief in the founder and the team they build.

My passion

Having lived, worked, and studied in seven different countries, I feel most at home where I can connect with exciting people and have meaningful conversations.

I am fascinated with start-ups that truly aim to make a difference. If the impact is big enough, I can get just as excited about a cleantech start-up as a digital health start-up. However, I expect to specialise more in the future to provide the most value to the founders I work with.

I am a people person. When I’m not working, I like to spend my time with friends, preferably outside. That’s what I love about living in Munich, its proximity to the mountains, which are a perfect playground for hiking and skiing.