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Zakaria Jaiathe

Entrepreneur in Residence

Zakaria Jaiathe

Entrepreneur in Residence

No matter how smart we are as humans, we are weak alone - the power is in togetherness.

bold / cultures / hacker / networker / managing uncertainty

My backstory

Originally from Morocco, my academic roots are in mathematics, a field I pursued with passion. My journey then led me to France, where I completed Master’s degrees in Information Systems
Engineering and Applied Mathematics. My professional career began in Heidelberg, Germany, motivated by a desire to understand the dynamics of more prosperous societies.

I found my true calling in Berlin, where I embarked on the challenging yet fulfilling journey of establishing my first start-up. This phase of my life was marked by significant challenges, including the threat of deportation due to my uncertain financial status as an entrepreneur. However, an open letter I wrote garnered widespread attention, leading to the support of the German Residency Office, which allowed me to continue my venture.

The second venture I founded was a stark contrast to my roots in software engineering and augmented reality. This time, my heart led me to an offline endeavour – Waanda. Here, I realised a long-held dream of uplifting African artisans, bridging their artistry with the pulsating commercial landscape of Europe.

Throughout this journey, two beacons of inspiration guided me – my mother and her father. My mother, with her unwavering belief in my uniqueness, encouraged me from a tender age to venture beyond the familiar. After leaving Morocco, my grandfather’s encouragement became my north star, driving me to realise my full potential. Inspired by them, I strive to do the same at Ananda and through my own companies, pushing others to transcend their own limits.

My passion

Reading has been a lifelong passion. The stories of great minds like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, alongside leaders like Nelson Mandela and innovators like Elon Musk, have always inspired me to aim high and dream big.

Physical well-being and sports are crucial to my daily routine. I enjoy a range of activities, from gym workouts and sauna sessions to more dynamic sports like boxing, tennis, and surfing. Dance, particularly hip-hop, holds a special place in my heart, though Berlin’s famous techno scene often makes its way into my playlist.

Travel, for me, is not just a hobby; it’s a pilgrimage of the soul. Leaving my phone behind, I embark on journeys to disconnect and immerse myself in new experiences. My curiosity has led me to exotic culinary adventures, from the challenging taste of balut in the Philippines to the unforgettable flavours of crocodile meat.