Why us?

We have been entrepreneurs ourselves.
We have lived it and we want you to live it even better.

We understand that you are looking for someone who deeply gets you. Someone that’s aligned with your vision and values. Someone who helps you grow to your full potential. Someone to be there for the many bumps in the road.

We aren’t just “founder-friendly”.

We are founder-aligned.

We have impact at our core



companies backed



lives positively touched



actively addressed


% diverse

founding teams


million euro

unlocked for impact from co-investors



boundaries actively addressed

How we invest

We invest in founders who want to build solutions that truly matter.

We back early-stage enterprises based in Europe but with the potential to grow global.

Our focus is on companies based on DACH, UK, Benelux and the Nordics.

Samantha Payne Founder at Open Bionics | Ananda Impact Ventures

Samantha Payne

“With Ananda, we immediately felt that we are very well aligned, especially when it comes to creating as much impact as possible and improving millions of lives.

As a founder, I found it very useful to have someone on our board who plays the devil’s advocate and can open doors for us.”

Bjorn Wind - Co-founder & CEO at Voiio | Ananda Impact Ventures

Bjorn Wind

“There is a proverb that in the face of crisis, the true colours show. What we have seen from Ananda was a wonderful and positive surprise.

I consider them part of our team – we wouldn’t be where we are now without their support.”

Dr. Andy Blackwell | Ananda Impact Ventures

Dr. Andy Blackwell

“Ananda’s belief in us has been absolutely central to our success.

IESO probably wouldn’t exist otherwise and we’re enormously grateful for it.”

James Weatherill - CEO at Arbor Education | | Ananda Impact Ventures

James Weatherill

“Ananda is a really good blend of impact investor and VC.

To me, the Ananda team has the right balance of knowing when to push and when to step back. This was a great, clean and smooth collaboration, from start to finish.”

Sounds good?

We are always looking for exceptional entrepreneurs creating the game changing companies of tomorrow.