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Andreas Flachowsky

Head of Finance

Andreas Flachowsky

Head of Finance

I set my goals to the highest, finding fulfilment in knowing I’ve done everything to achieve excellence.

reliable / motivated / cooperative / interested / relaxed

My backstory

My professional trajectory has been anything but conventional. At 18, seeking excitement beyond the classroom, I ventured into the hotel industry in the mountains, where my commitment to excellence earned me a federal medal in apprenticeship. This experience also brought a newfound appreciation for academic pursuits, as I realised the rigours of a 16-hour workday made school seem less daunting.

Rejecting the temptation to settle into the comfortable path carved by my hospitality experience, I embraced a new challenge by joining the paratroopers during my compulsory Army service. This period was a profound learning experience, testing the limits of my physical and mental endurance, and intriguingly, it included the unique opportunity to be paid for parachuting from

Following my genuine interest in business, I completed a degree in Business Administration. My career led me to one of Germany’s leading audit, tax, and advisory firms. Here, my curiosity was piqued by the venture capital world, quickly becoming my area of expertise.

Before joining Ananda, I immersed myself in the fast-paced and technically demanding environment of private equity funds. I relished the challenge and the opportunity to apply a broad range of skills. However, a poignant question from my grandmother about making a positive daily impact prompted introspection. Joining Ananda marked a significant shift: here, I could meld my passion for intellectually stimulating work with my intrinsic desire to contribute positively to the world.

My passion

Sports and the lessons they impart about resilience and pushing boundaries. My foray into triathlons and high-performance sports, coupled with training in a mountain rescue team, reflects
my commitment to challenging myself physically and mentally. Mountaineering, in particular, has been a fulfilling pursuit, offering not only an adrenaline rush but also the opportunity to be part of a diverse and like-minded group united by a shared interest and the drive to do good.

My academic and professional journey almost took a different turn towards medicine. After my bachelor’s degree, I was given an opportunity to study medicine, a field that profoundly intrigues me, especially paediatrics. However, balancing the need to work and the desire not to be entrenched in studies for an extended period, I made a pragmatic decision. This choice was a blend of following both my heart and brain, contemplating my decisions’ long-term implications.

Beyond these pursuits, family time is paramount to me. Watching my children—or my favourite team—playing ice hockey is a source of immense joy and relaxation. As a committed runner, I also find that sports play a crucial role in my mental recovery and overall well-being.