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Bernd Klosterkemper


Bernd Klosterkemper


Love it, change it or leave it.

Curiosity / Trust / Excitement / Optimism / Responsibility / Joy

My backstory

I think my grandparents had a great influence on who I am today. My grandfather was an entrepreneur at heart and throughout his life, he was not afraid to take responsibility and risks. My grandmother, on the other hand, was such a generous person, not primarily in a monetary sense, but in how much she cared for other people. She sent such a strong message to us kids by being the perfect role model. I guess this is why I feel so satisfied to now be able to combine those two elements: using the power of entrepreneurship to make this world a better place for everyone.

What excites me every day? I think it’s the combination of looking at the most pressing problems facing our society and working with the type of entrepreneurial people who look at these challenges and say, ‘Hey, we can do something about it!’ I feel really privileged to be able to just focus on the ‘meaningful stuff’ and to work with such incredibly talented and entrepreneurial founders.

Health, ageing society, climate change, agriculture – how do we transform the way we live and safeguard our planet’s resources for future generations? These are the areas I’m most passionate about. But there are many other challenges needing attention and entrepreneurial solutions that are also on my “bucket list” of topics to explore more, whether it’s data, AI ethics, the future of work or other solutions that can contribute to a more equitable humanity.

My time at PlanetHome taught me how different it feels to be in the board room or at the front of a company – what it takes to scale an organisation and to reinvent it over and over again, but also how much you get back from being successful together in a high performing team.

My passion

I’m so grateful to be able to combine having an impact, earn a living, and spend time doing what I love. If I’m into something, I am always 100% or more into it.

But when I’m not working, I love to be with my family and doing sports. I love being in the mountains or by the sea. Close friends are important to me. I have a group of very good childhood friends from my home town of Düsseldorf.

I am a big believer in the ‘perpetuum mobile’ idea of doing things with joy: when you enjoy doing something, you do it better, and when you do it better, you get positive feedback and results that motivate you and add to your enjoyment, which again improves your results and so on. I believe this is a very important idea to follow in your life and I try to pass it on, whether in my professional life or to my children.

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