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Felix Ferstl


Felix Ferstl


To me, being present in the moment is one of the most crucial skills in life and in what we do. It lets us focus on what’s really important at any given time.

Intuitive / Listening rather than telling / Team player / Inquirer / Meet me on the dance floor

My backstory

In 2011, I heard Johannes give a lecture on the idea of combining impact with a successful business model. It really fascinated me, because I had never thought before about how business could build things that truly matter. Johannes’ lecture changed my outlook and led me to drop my physics studies and start economics and philosophy instead. I wanted to learn how the economy as a whole works and how it could be combined with sustainability and ethics in an impact business model.

My new-found passion led me down the entrepreneurial rabbit hole, where I founded an educational start-up. I also became part of Munich’s impact entrepreneurship scene by working in sales and business development at the green energy start-up Polarstern.

It’s impossible for me to work anywhere where I can’t have an impact or don’t feel like I’m changing things for the better – that’s crucial for me.

My passion

My true passion is sustainable solutions. Finding ways to live viably and equitably on our planet within the Planetary Boundaries is both the greatest challenge and the greatest opportunity of our time. Working towards this goal is what inspires me every day.

Meeting with founders and finding out about their passion also gets me excited. It is the most rewarding part of my job. When I was a child, I wanted to be an explorer and a treasure hunter. In a way, that’s exactly what I’m doing now.

Working with people is key for me. I am a team player and believe that we arrive at smarter, more creative decisions together. This starts with acknowledging the diversity of opinions around the table and providing an inclusive space for everyone’s point of view. I am quite aware of my surroundings, the atmosphere and other people’s needs. This can be challenging at times, but I’m developing my natural role as an observer into a strength that adds value.

Outside of work, you can find me surfing at the Eisbach Wave in Munich’s English Garden. I also play drums and vibraphone, and love classical music and jazz in particular (current favorite artist: Kamasi Washington). Playing jazz has taught me the importance of listening to and understanding each other. It’s the foundation for playing great music. I think the same is true in business.