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Giulia Piu

Head of Communications

Giulia Piu

Head of Communications

You can do anything you want if you put your heart in it and work hard.

creative - passionate - curious - driven - resourceful

My backstory

My family played a massive role in who I am today. My father is a doctor who dedicated his entire life to helping people. My mother studied economics and committed her life to teaching. They always made me feel I could achieve anything I put my heart into and inspired me to pursue my dreams. This lesson has been reiterated for years when I was studying ballet. I feel my resilience comes a lot from that experience of constantly practising for hours.

I developed a passion for technology and innovation very early on; however, I initially embarked on a more conventional path by pursuing a degree in engineering. My journey then took an unexpected turn when I found a pioneering MSc course in design. I could combine my love of art and engineering and learned that with my skills, we could design products that changed people’s lives for the better. I found that I truly thrive when helping others.

After working as a consultant building products used by millions of people in healthcare, environmental sustainability, consumer goods, and finance, I co-founded my first company, which I successfully exited. Along the way, I have learned many lessons, but there is one that sticks out for me the most: if you want to build a successful business, make sure you are really passionate about the problem you want to solve, as the journey won’t be an easy one.

When I initially engaged in discussions with Johannes Weber about a provisional website redesign for Ananda, I immediately felt a profound connection. Our values aligned completely, and I knew I wanted to be part of this team. This marked the beginning of my journey here, where I found the perfect place to bring together my passion for making an impact with the world of entrepreneurship.

My passion

Working on Ananda’s brand has been immensely rewarding. It is an ongoing narrative, a collaborative effort, and I take pride in my substantial role in establishing the company’s visibility and identity.

My most cherished role is working closely with the founders. Having founded my own companies, I intimately understand the challenges they face and the potential pitfalls they might encounter. We are here to provide support and inspiration, fostering their growth.

Outside of the workplace, my thirst for exploration remains the same. I am a museum enthusiast who delights in immersing my children in the world of visual arts. Sometimes, I can’t help but feel that everyone should possess a designer’s mindset – empowered to mend whatever isn’t right, beautifully and naturally. This is the essence of exceptional design: the ability to transform the ordinary into something truly exquisite.

Having grown up on the beautiful island of Sardinia, I proudly embrace the clichés of my Italian heritage. I relish spending time with my family, savouring delectable cuisine, fine wines and the boundless beauty of the sea. Traveling, discovering new cultures, languages, and stories through encounters with diverse people fuels my sense of wonder. And when the rhythm of life permits, I dance with unbridled joy.