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Johannes Wenger

Finance Manager

Johannes Wenger

Finance Manager

Be kind to each other.

structured / idealistic /pragmatic / art-loving / calm

My backstory

Having a parent who is a part-time musician, music always played a huge part in my life. Although I had ever-changing ideas about pursuing different professions as a child, the dream of becoming a musician was constant. Mathematics, however, was something I also happened to be pretty good at. It led me to study economics and management in depth, and finance became an almost natural choice. Besides attending the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, I studied in Copenhagen and Bangkok.

My parents had a big influence on how I feel about my responsibilities towards a just society. They have always been ecologically conscious, possibly the first generation who cared. They are nature lovers, my dad biked to work, and my mom volunteered, so my upbringing was quietly immersed in their approach to life.

When I started working as a financial auditor in a corporate environment, I quickly realised that even though the work was fulfilling in terms of subject matter, I was searching for tasks that carried greater purpose and impact. Especially in the light of the climate crisis, I decided that a positive impact on nature and society has to be the key aspect of my professional aspirations.

I found an amazing community at Ananda. Not only is the mission of the company powerful in itself, but also my colleagues’ mindest continues to inspire me; they are all mission-driven people. And of course, looking at our portfolio companies and their founders further strengthens this effect.

My passion

Arts. All kinds of arts, from music through performing arts to fine arts. I couldn’t narrow my taste down to one particular style or period. I love classics as much as geeky and weird, contemporary creations.

I love nature, and Munich is the perfect place to enjoy it. I love hiking in the mountains and I greatly enjoy running. Therefore, I am really happy to actively contribute to restoring and protecting nature via our portfolio companies at Ananda.

When I don’t create investor reports, collect financial data or write policies, you can probably find me playing my guitar. I am part of a punk band called Super Sushi Tokio. It started from the basement of a sushi restaurant, hence the name. And although it might seem unlikely for a finance person to play this kind of music, it resonates with my values closely. Punk rock is all about respect, diversity and tolerance.