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Jonty Corrin

Investment Analyst

Jonty Corrin

Investment Analyst

Full range of human emotions

enthusiastic / motion blur / analog / light blue / scale

My backstory

My interest in science and biology originates from my mother. I must have inherited her excited curiosity for the microscopic world of biology in and around us; a gene for some kind of awe about how it all works. Happy hours spent by the pond in our garden with her looking at invisible creatures under a microscope turned a childish hobby into a fascination with how life functions at such a small scale.

I found myself several years later at the University of Cambridge, studying for a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry and then an MPhil in Therapeutic Sciences. That sense of scale with which I’d been so intrigued suddenly seemed to take on new significance in the biology of human health and disease. The impact of understanding and using this biology to improve quality of life became my focus, particularly in translating early-stage research. I just loved the thought that someone nearby could be working on an idea which might transform a patient’s life. This led me to meet academics, entrepreneurs and VCs who shared this desire to translate ideas into impactful businesses.

My passion

Early-stage entrepreneurship is a world filled with incredibly motivated and passionate people trying to positively impact society. I’m always so energised by talking to these people – they have an excitement and a vision that you can’t help but be enthused by. At Ananda, it’s the greatest pleasure to work with founders and help translate their visions of the world from a pitch deck to a business.

My background in science naturally extends to an interest in psychology, particularly in social behaviour—understanding why humans act the way we do and just how much control we have over our thoughts, feelings, and actions. In another life, I would have loved to pursue clinical psychology, trying to find the line between human consciousness and human biology.

Recently, I have been learning a lot about analogue photography and filmmaking, inspired by some important people in my life. I think the way 35mm or medium format film captures the world is so beautiful, both feeling and looking like a memory. I’m so intrigued as to where this sense of nostalgia comes from and why we sometimes find an imperfect reflection of life much more attractive.

Another obsession of mine is electronic music. I owe this very much to my brother who is a DJ and producer. I’m just always in awe of how some little sound waves can make us feel such strong emotions and convey so much meaning, even without words.