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Sabine Scherer

Sabine Scherer

Be who you are because you never know who might love the person you hide.

Optimist by Nature / Glass Half Full / Good Host / Orchestrator / Spiderweb

My backstory

Even as a child, I loved to spread my optimism about life. To me, the glass is always half full and there is always a way to move things forward. Even if we have to take a sidestep or a step backward, I believe that we’ll get the chance to move two steps ahead in the near future. Following this guiding principle, I have helped many people and teams at growing companies to build and strengthen the human side of their business.

Based on my passion for entrepreneurship, my focus is on helping start-ups with their organizational development as well as their recruitment efforts. I also have my own consulting boutique and provide advice on an independent basis.

Being authentic and focused is key to the work we do at Ananda. We are a diverse team with a huge range of backgrounds, ways of thinking, and varied experiences, and everyone´s voice is important. Attitude is just as important as qualifications at Ananda.

My passion

I like to bring people together to learn from each other and accomplish great things they could not have done on their own. I am also a strong believer in taking responsibility for all decisions and being the architect of your life.

I really enjoy hiking in the mountains and doing other sporting activities. And I love spending time with my family and my friends while enjoying special homemade cuisine.